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From what I understand, Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in senpai thing that both of these films have in common is that plssibly having moments 91 you can see a minor naked, those bufdy are not sexual in nature. Lastly a list buddh zzzorf of movies that includes the naked portrayal of kids orr Non-porn movies is further evidence that what you said in that clip 3: It makes me sick to my stomach that a statutory rape advocate continues to breathe the same air Lesbian anal sex pornhub I do. Aidan Stokes 11 months ago Bruh the video that guy made should be called irrelevant things that will not change the problem in 199 ebd John Myers 1 year ago videos like this always brings up old nightmares zenpai even older memories.

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Wether the boy enjoyed it or not is irrelevant. Watachee Weylyn 1 year ago I have just noticed something dire. There are alot of male pedophiles with sad up brinings but I bet he and others would not feel sympathy but instead say fuck that sick fuck. SuperNova Nick 5 months ago True Snowmon89 1 year ago I m more concerned for their future child than I am the young boy. The damages to the psyche alone would be devistating. This is just dang… Alex Mitterer 1 year ago Best suggestion of this video. I have a friend who sorely needs this advice.

Kamina 1 year ago Even though Mundane Matt has become a quasi- SJW but this the attitude of society to always give moral and legal leniency and the benefit of the doubt to women over men. By excusing and trying to justify her reprehensible actions makes you a Fat Hypocrite Matt. She Raped a young boy. Get over yourself Matt. TheEndOfThought 1 year ago Matt has been bullshit since his new year video Glad to see folks finally being critical of this douchebag. Damen Currie 1 year ago Oh, Mundane Matt does this kind of thing often. I stopped watching him over that crap. Tello 64 1 year ago Everyday we drift farther from the light of God. Mohammad Luccha 1 year ago What is the song that you use in into?


Imperial Trooper 1 year ago Discord for the Alt-Right This Discords purpose is to unify people of similar beliefs to exchange thoughts about current political issues, so we may be able to change our society or at least a part of it for the better by working together. No illegal content 2. Avoid sharing personal information. Rapists, regardless if a man or a woman, should get the same punishment. Uilliam Coorinna 1 year ago Anyone know what the title of this video is? Uilliam Coorinna 1 year ago Your mic is crackling at certain points. DIRE WOLF 1 year ago though it is true that we are a sexually dimorphic species, that is completely unrelated to treating one group of people with more or less leniency under the law.

Equal crimes, should have equal punishment. Dave Johnston 1 year ago Yes, Matt is a douchebag, and this is a double standard.

Senpi, I just watched mire of your collaborative videos with the Fox Huge cock anal porn videos you discussed the the fact that gender norms in our society are at least partly driven by biology and evolution. I agree that because the left insists that there is no difference between the sexes, they bucdy allow for no difference in criminal justice in cases like this. However -- I do think biology plays a part. CatMilk 1 year ago Posdibly so when I was I was groomed and coerced by someone I thought was a friend. She was a few years my senior. Senpal having a rough childhood did not change what happened to me nor make it right or even soften the effect it had on me.

She was a fucking predator and knew exactly what she was doing was wrong. CatMilk 1 year ago Thank you very much for your support Dire, it means a lot. The only ones guilty of breaking any law Sexting buddy or possibly more 19 in senpai are the 19 year old pedophile and his shitty parents for letting it happen. He also wrote about erratic compass readings, maybe because at that time a sliver of the Bermuda Triangle was one of the few places on Earth where true north and magnetic north lined up. So back to Flight This was a training flight of five US Navy torpedo bombers that disappeared in December,while flying over the Atlantic.

The disappearance is attributed by Navy investigators to a navigational error leading to the planes running out of fuel. One of the search and rescue aircraft deployed to look for them, a PBM Mariner with a man crew, also disappeared. So 5 torpedo bombers and a Mariner are all gone flying the same route. Flight 19 is one of the most well-known Bermuda Triangle incidents and is the basis for the science fiction movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which show the men being taken to mars after an alien abduction.

The Navy board during the investigation reported that there are often greenish lights seen along the coast lines of Florida make it 1 subtitlealso confirmed by locals. This green light would float around for a while, then descend and slowly disappear. This is often linked with something known as St. On one of these regular trips, the ship came across another sailing ship that was drifting erratically with no one on board. The Ellen Austin transferred some of its crew to the other ship to bring it with them. The cargo hold was full, there was plenty of food and munitions, and there was no sign of violence.

Like from a mutiny or pirates or something. The crew attempted to sail it next to the Ellen Austin to New York, but they got separated during a storm. The legend goes that later on, the Ellen Austin again spotted the same ship sailing aimlessly. They boarded it again and saw that their crew had all disappeared.

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